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Title: Clearing His Skies
Author: [info]oblivion_0
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II
Prompt: 036. Clear skies
Character/Pairing: Axel/Roxas
Rating: G
Word Count: 258
Summary: I'll clear his skies; I'll make him smile again.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or the characters!

Sunny day. He was a clear, sunny day before the dreams came. When Roxas was a normal boy in Twilight Town, no clouds could block his happiness, no wind could blow away his warmth, and the skies couldn't darken his smile. His smile that shone brightly for all the townspeople to see, and when they did, he always received one right back.

But clouds started to form. A breeze picked up. His friends could notice the changes in him, but no matter what happened, his light still tried to hide it all. He didn't want the others to notice his troubles. He didn't want anyone to worry.

Still... Even with the sun out, it began to drizzle. The wind grew bigger. He tried his best to smile, but the rain poured on down.

Then thunder stroke. The sun disappeared. Raindrops pelted the ground. The wind howled furiously. The people he knew fled into their houses and had forgotten about him. The lighting continued to flash about.

He tried to find a way. Slowly he's getting clearer. The thunder stopped, the sky lightened, the wind slowed down.

But here he now stays. Sitting on the clocktower. Still... He's slowly recovering from his storm. I wanted to help him. I want to become his sun. His sun that will clear his skies, fill them with the rays of warmth he once had.

But there's no need to fret. Just the smile on his face tells me I've done my job. The smile on his face tells me I've cleared his skies, just as he's cleared mine
Yay for cute!fic. :D